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Welcome to the Scrollsguide hosted Mod Repository for Summoner : Modloader for Scrolls. Here you will find an overview of the available mods in this repository, with their functionality and requirements. Installing mods from this repository is done in-game. Add this repository to Summoner by adding the following url in-game:

Summoner : Modloader for Scrolls can be downloaded from the Summoner page on Scrollsguide. Bug reports regarding Summoner can be posted in the appropriate forum section on Scrollsguide.

Summoner Mod List:

AnimationControl Animation Control

Allows user to customize game animation options. Currently only affects unit attack speed, including attack animation and attack movement.

Opensource link:


1.0, last updated Aug 19th 2013

ChatColors Trade chat colors

Always getting confused and tired of deciphering the massive amount of text that flows through the trade channel? This lightweight mod makes trading a lot easier by highlighting the most important words you need to see.

Opensource link:


1.0, last updated Jul 27th 2013

CollectionSync ScrollsToolbox Sync

Adds a button to the Deck Builder to sync your collection data with Use ScrollsToolbox to track the cards you own and automatically generate customized trade messages based on your collection data, the latest prices, and your customizations and filters.

Opensource link:


ControllerSupport Use a controller!

This mod enables you to play Scrolls with the comforts of a controller. It supports both Windows and Mac using the following controllers:

- Xbox 360 controller natively
- PS3 controller using MotionJoy

- PS3 controller natively
- Xbox 360 controller using Taggiebogle

The mod offers full in game controls plus basic menu controls to get you into a game. Look for support for some of the other screens like the Deck Builder in a future update.

A full list of the controls is shown the first time you use this mod. This list can also be found in the settings menu or the in game menu.

Opensource link:


1.1, last updated Jul 29th 2013

FavoriteChannels Auto-join channels

Getting bored of always having to join the same channels? No need anymore! FavoriteChannels does this for you! Just add your desired channels, and the game will automatically connect to them.

/acc or /addcurrentchannel Adds current channel to favorites
/rcc or /removecurrentchannel Removes current channel from favorites
/ac <channelname> or /addchannel <channelname> Adds <channelname> to favorites
/rc <channelname> or /removechannel <channelname> Removes <channelname> from favorites
/lf or /listfavorites or /favorites Lists your favorite channels
/fhelp or /fcommands Prints command list

Opensource link:


1.1, last updated Aug 2nd 2013

KeepChatOpen Keeps chat open

This mod keeps the chat open when you move between the different areas of the UI, so that it will not close when you for example move to the deck builder or a user profile.

Opensource link:


1.1.0, last updated Jun 30th 2013

StatsOn Stats on by default

Tired of pressing the Ctrl-button at the start of every game? This mod does for you. Unit/Idol stats are automatically toggled on turn one.

Opensource link:


1.2, last updated Jun 26th 2013

Tradesearch trade filter

this little mod filters the trade-room cards.

available commands are:
/trs or \trs + one of the following commands:
search/s + Cardname :search in your cards of the card named "Cardname"
searchopponent/so + Cardname :search in opponent cards for the card named "Cardname"
contains/c + string :search in your cards for cards whose name contains "string"
containsopponent/co + string :search in opponent cards for cards whose name contains "string"
rarity/ra + rare/r and/or uncommon/u and/or common/c :search in your cards for cards which have the specified rarity
rarityopponent/rao + rare/r and/or uncommon/u and/or common/c
resource/re + energy/e and/or growth/g and/or order/o and/or decay/d :search in your cards for cards which have the specified resource-type
resourceopponent/reo + energy/e and/or growth/g and/or order/o and/or decay/d
clear/c :clears your and your opponents filter
clearself/cls :clears your filter
showall/sa :show event the untradeable cards of you and your opponent
morethan3/mt3 :show only cards you have more than 3 times

/trs s God Hand
/trs c god
/trs ra r uncommon (searches rare and uncommon cards)
/trs re growth o (searches growth and order cards)
/trs c
/trs sa
/trs mt3


-the command search ignores previous filters
-a command after search deletes the search-filter (if he targets the same player as the search command)

-if you type successively commands the filters (except of the search/s filter) work additive:
if you type:
/trs c o
/trs ra rare u

it shows all cards whose name contains an "o" AND which are rare or uncommon

Opensource link:


0.999, last updated Aug 19th 2013