Summoner Mod Repository


This mod enables you to play Scrolls with the comforts of a controller. It supports both Windows and Mac using the following controllers:

- Xbox 360 controller natively
- PS3 controller using MotionJoy

- PS3 controller natively
- Xbox 360 controller using Taggiebogle

The mod offers full in game controls plus basic menu controls to get you into a game. Look for support for some of the other screens like the Deck Builder in a future update.

A full list of the controls is shown the first time you use this mod. This list can also be found in the settings menu or the in game menu.

Mod details

The mod is stored on the Scrollsguide hosted Mod Repository for Summoner : Modloader for Scrolls. It is developed and maintained by Toldea. This mod can be installed through the in-game Mods menu.

Opensource link:



Known bugs:

1.1, last updated Jul 29th 2013